Travel Clinics

Travel, as the saying goes, broadens the mind but it can also broaden the diseases to which patients are exposed. The easiest way to reduce the risk of falling ill when abroad is to take preventive measures such as practising bite avoidance by using mosquito nets and wear insect repellent, by being careful with what food and water is consumed and being mindful of its source. To ensure the most protection it is sensible to be vaccinated against the common viral illnesses that are endemic in country and to take antimalarial prophylaxis when travelling in at risk areas.

Dr Hoyle has considerable experience of advising individuals on disease prevention when traveling abroad on business or holiday, including travel to remote areas. He is able to provide the most appropriate vaccinations and medications for each patient’s individual travel plans. King Edward VII’s Hospital stocks a full range of vaccinations that are administered in a clean, fully supported, hospital setting.