Primary Care Services

Dr Hoyle provides an extensive range of primary care services allowing patients to seek advice about any symptom or medical condition that may be causing them concern. Additionally, he is the first port of call for individuals aiming to reduce their risk of developing future problems and for patients who want to discuss existing treatment regimens.

To enhance the care he provides, Dr Hoyle has complete access to the comprehensive diagnostic facilities provided by King Edward VII’s Hospital, including laboratory testing, cardiac investigations and a full range of imaging techniques such as MRI, ultrasound and CT scanning.

Many medical conditions can be treated without onward referral to specialists but when the occasion arises, Dr Hoyle is highly regarded as being able to match his patients to the most appropriate specialists to meet their needs. A firm believer in providing holistic care, Dr Hoyle can also arrange physiotherapy, occupational therapy and cognitive therapy.

Should the unexpected occur and a patient develop a serious ailment, Dr Hoyle is able to admit patients to King Edward VII’s Hospital which provides an exceptional standard of care, 24 hours a day. The hospital offers an outstanding ratio of nurses to patients, highly trained critical care nurses and nursing support to both patients and relatives, all overseen by Matron.