Schedule of Fees

New Patient Consultation – £300

Consultation  30 mins – £250

Consultation  60 mins – £500

Domiciliary visit – £250

Call out fee in addition to consultation fee and travel time

Email/Telephone advice 15 mins (existing patients only and at the doctor’s discretion) – £125

Referral letter to specialist – £45

Repeat prescription – £35

Results notification and advice by letter/email – £50

Letter to NHS GP – £60

Insurance report from – £125

Appropriately targeted health screening from – £500

Please note you will incur hospital and/or additional fees for admission, diagnostic tests, etc.

The fees listed above are the minimum payable as complex and/or multiple problems may require longer consultation times; equally however, very simple problems may be dealt with quickly and a lower fee may be charged solely at the doctor’s discretion.

Fees are payable on the day of the appointment or, at the doctor’s discretion, within seven days of the issuing of an invoice. Interest is charged on late payments.