Appropriately Targeted Health Screening

Much modern medical practice, especially in primary care, is aimed at risk reduction and disease prevention: patients want to prevent illness before it strikes and they want early diagnosis and treatment of conditions they may have developed.

With the use of appropriate health screening, Dr Hoyle is able to analyse individual factors ranging from lifestyle assessment to cholesterol ratios, from family history to prostate enzyme levels and with a targeted selection of investigations he can provide patients with a guide to their risk of developing certain conditions e.g. heart attacks and strokes. Armed with such detailed assessments patients can make informed decisions whether they want: support and strategies to modify their lifestyle, to undergo further (clinically appropriate) investigations, or to commence preventive medication.

Some investigations carry a small degree of risk and some e.g. genetic testing, can cause anxiety. Dr Hoyle therefore discusses in detail a patient’s medical history and explores their expectations so that he can build a comprehensive picture to provide each patient with the information that will help them decide what screening to undergo. Having access to the advanced diagnostic facilities at King Edward VII’s Hospital allows Dr Hoyle, when appropriate, to provide the best advice, rapidly.

Whilst there are no guarantees that early diagnosis and/or intervention will alter the outcome of a disease, it offers many patients peace of mind to know they are reducing their risks and that any problems they develop are being tackled early on.